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November 02, 2012


The Good, The Bad & The Undead (2012)

  • 1. Before The Pain (Intro)
  • 2. Who Needs An Enemy With A Friend Like You? (Loyalty)
  • 3. Captain Nemo's Legacy
  • 4. Black Resurrection
  • 5. When Fist Meets Face
  • 6. The Good, The Bad & The Undead
  • 7. A Tunnel At The End Of The Light
  • 8. If It All Ended Today
  • 9. Only Living Objects Bleed
  • 10. Past The Point Of No Return
  • 11. Много ли человеку земли нужно? (How Much Earth Does A Man Need?)
  • 12. Lightswitch
  • 13. Dead Air
  • 14. My Next 40 Years
  • 15. Ballroom Boogie (Bonustrack)

Ferdy Doernberg - vocals, guitars, keybords
André Hort - bass
Mike Mandel - guitars
Alex Wenn - drums

Before The Pain (Intro)
Well, the music business is slowly going down the drain
- you´ll all be working at a fastfood restaurant soon but
music itself will remain ! Dear scene-police-officer, dear
music journalist who sells good reviews, dear blow-
addicted A&R, dear dishonest critic, dear record-
company-executive who could as well sell washing
machines, dear musician who´s in it for the wrong
reasons aka dear parasites: You just missed your
wake-up call!!! Arrogance comes before the fall
...and champagne before the pain!!
Who Needs An Enemy With...
I do believe that promises should be kept - that friendship
is much more than asking for a key when you feel
trapped ! What happened to honesty? What happened to
“do as I say..”? What happened to “someone to lean on”
or to: “I´ll stand by you´re side come what may”?

Loyalty – means everything to me - a reason to be:
My integrity! Loyalty – to my friends and family
- # 1 priority : Loyalty!

I do believe in respect, faith and trust - in “treat people
the way you´d like to be treated” but now it´s: ashes to
ashes – dust to dust!
Who needs an enemy with a friend like you?
Captain Nemo's Legacy
To all of you who talk behind my back - to all you reasons

I´m wearing black - to all of you who call me dead: I may
forgive - but I won´t forget ! To all of you who tell racist
jokes - to all you dishonest stupid blokes - to all of you
who hurt and don´t regret : I may forgive but I won´t forget!
Beyond the fact you´ll find reality. Show respect and
unity ! That´s Captain Nemo´s Legacy! For all
eternity! Captain Nemo´s Legacy - ready to dive?

To all of you who cheat and lie - to all of you who
make others cry - to all you business-rats and the
things you´ve said: I may forgive!

Blasphemy -society - no destiny
- that´s Captain Nemo´s Legacy

Everybody´s got a story - everybody´s got a tale
Everybody knows what´s goin´ on and why we have
to fail. Everybody´s got a secret and everybody´s got
a song - everybody´s got a good advice and knows
exactly what we´re doing wrong...
Black Resurrection
Legions of the dead – all the things we said - parasites
of society tryin´ to take what they can´t get! The
scientists and the mad – raindrops fall bloodred - rotten
to the core – you can´t lose what you never had!

Wings of pain – scars remain – world insane - black
resurrection ! We cry - we lie - we sigh – we die – we
fly too high - black resurrection!

No fire without a spark – the killer in the park
- endless streams of lava like a lightning in the dark.
Look: the evil´s mark ! Hear the bloodhounds bark!
unbreakable desire like the jaws of a giant shark!

Money talks – bullshit walks – that´s all you need to know
- when you die the hidden camera makes it part of the
show. We watch it on the internet – we watch it on TV!
Holy grail – tomorrow´s jail – but what about the fee?
When Fist Meets Face
When fist meets face - it´s time to close a door
- when the talking´s over and they´re ready for
another war - when the ferryman asks for
coins but noone pays - yeah, you better
run and hide when fist meets face!
They don´t make jews like Jesus anymore!
No one turns the other cheek when there´s
something worth fighting for (or at least he
thinks there is! ). They sing “glory hallelujah”
not “amazing grace”- when the tough
guys have to prove it when fist meets face

When fist meets face and you hear the
battle cry - write your testament and kiss
your love goodbye. It doesn´t matter who
gets the champagne after the race - it will
all stay the same anyway – when fist...

Streets of gold and thoughts black, grey
and blue - stories told - long forgotten
- sometimes true. Travellin´ on to another
life - to another place. Yeah, it´s wise
to walk away when fist meets face!

When fist meets face sometimes you
win - sometimes you lose - there ain´t
no guarantees - whatever road you
choose. Here today – tomorrow gone
without a trace. Yeah, a lotta people
just disapear when fist meets face

So is this the end, my friend? – Nobody
knows! We all have to pay your dues
- that´s how the story goes - I´ve seen
sunshine, rain and snow and even
darker days. But you never know for
sure when fist meets face...
...and that´s why it´s wise to walk
away when fist meets face!
The Good, The Bad & The Undead
When you´re a young lad with great
expectations the world´s wide open and
everything´s in line - you don´t care about tomorrow
`cause it´ll happn anyway but when time flies faster
that´s the early sign ! You´re gettingolder and some
of your dreams have already died aong the way!
Some are still alive and you´re s trying harder to
make them all come true but it´s getting rougher
every single day!!!

This world´s made of cruel insnity, desire, greed
and acid rain ! We cheat and lie just as long as we
think that we ain´t trying in vain. When the smart
become the retarded ones and the fools become
the wise - the silent guards start to talk to much
and the honest guys come up with lies.

The good, the bad & the undead - the broken and
the weird - the brainless and the overfed - the ones
we always feared ! The good, the bad and the
undead - the joyful and the sad - say goodbye to
all the things you had - now it´s just the good, the
bad and the undead.

We hurt each other - we steal and kill for a little
bit of money and fame and when it´s over, said
and done we take `em little white pills and say:
“man, I ain´t to blame!”
Society – what do you want from me? The realms
of the flame. Your friend will be the enemy but the
slime will call your name!

I don´t believe in no one – like no one believes in
me. When you dare to do what you´ve never done
– you finally will be free. You were once my master
- now you´ll be my slave - phantoms of disaster
- secrets of the cave...
A Tunnel At The End Of The Light
Long ago but not forgotten - far away but still so close
why does te wheel keepon turning? Wo´s in charge?
No one knows! Is there a tunnel at h end of the light?

There´s a time to live and a time to die - a time to tell
the truth and a time to lie - a time to be wrong and a time
for being right - a time to surrender and a time to fight!

We went beyond where we should have gone and maybe
it all will be over soon ! Will there be an endless night
- a rusty knife or a silver spoon ? Or just a tunnel at the
end of the light?

There´s a time for love and a time fo hate - a time to
come too soon and for being late - a time for
misunderstandings and a time to believe - a time to stay
where you are and a time to leave

There´s a time to remember and a time to forget - a
time to be proud and a time to regret - a time to be
thankful and a time to get mad - a time to be good and
a time to be bad. There´s a time to wonder and a time
to dream - a time to be quiet and a time to scream - a
time to watch the waters flow and a time to swim with
the sharks - a time to stop and think again while the
bloodhounds leave their marks.
If It All Ended Today
What would you say if it all ended today? If the
dolphins would thank us fo all the fish and would just
fly away ? If the world as we know it wouldn´t be
there anymore- no hope - no morning clay!
What would you say if it all ended today?
If time would refuse to march on and would
simply choose to stay? If this movie we´re
part of would just silently fade to grey?
What would you say if it all ended today?

People say when heroes die they´d like to
smoke a cigar or two and when in some
cloudless night you look up to sky you see
them as stars shiningjust for you! So would
you just close your eyes and hope that when
you wake up things would again be okay?
What would you say if it all ended today?

What would you say if it all ended today?
No song left to sing - no requiem left to play!
Surprise, my friend, it´s over
- once the hunter,now the prey!
What would you say if it all ended today?
Only Living Objects Bleed
I was told to forgive - I was told to forget. I refused
to believe in every word they ever said. - I was out
there in the blizzard - I was out there in the storm
- I was left for dead and I was missing someone warm

I was done, gone and found - doomed and in need.
Will I ever feel you again? Only living objects bleed!
I was out there in the rain - I was out there in the snow
I was lost in the darkness where the wild water flow.
I was told to be faithful - I was told to be strong
I was told to be modest and in the end it all was wrong
Past The Point Of No Return
I´m past the point of no return - crossed the borderline
and behind me the bridges burn ! I´m on my way to a
brighter day beyond the neon signs of the jukejoint
- I´m past the point of no return

Home of the brave and the lost the found. On the road
again in my merry-go-round. Alone in the darkness
- afraid of the night - the flame and the spark in this
unholy fight
Well, the messanger came in the cold morning light
and as I opened my eyes there was nowhere left to
hide - so after all I guess he actually brought some
good news ´cause when you´re down for the count
you ain´t got nothing to lose

Dead brain – down the drain - no more pain –
high gain – fast lane - what will remain?
No more stranger in the house!
Killed by Cain – screamed your name - in vain - missed
my train - insane? Too much rain – just a laboratory
Много ли человеку земли...?
Bloodline of immortal sin - who will lose and who will win?
Trust isfollowed by a fast decay - gone - long gone - hope
blown away. Master – oh Master , what do you say?
Will there be a trial on judgement day? Will the lawyers of
heaven and the advocats of hell - plead guilty
- will we be able to break the spell?
The tears of tomorrow - today they won´t be cried...

Много ли человеку земли нужно?
(How much Earth does a man need?)
(Anger – anger – anger management…)

The milestone of eternity is buried six feet under
- hopefully cacophony won´t hurt my ears too bad.
The bare bones of what used to be a mighty
noiseful thunder ain´t loud enough to scare a
mouse now - you can´t lose what you never had!

Dear Sir, it´s me again - I´m just a boring man
doing the best I can to be an average C (citizen)
- the way I´m supposed to be - Society, authority
- what would they think of me ? And you ! I was
never jealous enough to compare but in the end it
seems like all this being Dudley-Do-Right ain´t
getting´me nowhere. So I slowly get the impression
that all those holy words are nothing but verbal
chains to keep people from thinking too much....
Crook says to liar : “I definitely ain´t to
blame. I tried all my life to find a path
and a place to hide my shame!” - This
ain´t the real thing but what the hell
- there´s nothing left to say - sometimes
beauty´s just a lightswitch away!

Liar anwers : "Yes, my friend, I know exactly what
you mean. I´ve been everywhere and there ain´t
no magic left I haven´t seen. I met the princess of
Euphoria one cold and windy day - well,
sometimes beauty´s just a lightswitch away!

Crook say to liar : “Now honesty is my middle
name! Follow me and you will see the mystery
of the game!” Liar shakes his head and smiles:
“I guess I´d like to stay - well, sometimes
beauty´s just a lightswitch away.

Liar finally speaks the truth but no one believes
a word he says- crook becomes an
honest man and gets down on his knees
to confess. Justice has one red eye and
a black one, too - and her hair´s a
mixture of green and grey.
Well, sometimes beauty´s just a
lightswitch away!

Dead Air
I was tought to raise the white flag
- to fight back with a smile
- I always try to use the right track
and I´ve been trying for quite a while
but it ain´t - ain´t gettin´ me nowhere.

I go to church on every Sunday
- follow each and every rule.
I always try to be a good guy
- but maybe I´m just a stupid fool
-´cause it ain´t
- ain´t gettin´ me nowhere.
Dead air!

I always give but they don´t care
- I´d like to take but I don´t dare.
Whatever I got I always share.
I try to play fair
but it ain´t gettin´ me nowhere.
Dead air!

I always try to save the sinners
- to feed the poor
and help the lost
but in the end they
are the winners
and I end up with the costs
yeah, it ain´t
- ain´t gettin´ me nowhere
I always tried to be a good guy
but it ain´t gettin´ me nowhere

Dead air!!
My Next 40 Years
Dear body of mine, would you like to have a drink
- or can I get you anything else – hey, what do you think?
I guess, it´s time for me to thank you for still being here
- I hope you´ll still be my friend in my next 40 years!

Well, I know what I put you through wasn´t always too cool
- I ate way too much garbage and acted like a fool
- all the women, all the wine - all the stress
- Sir, so here´s to you, my dear compadre,
and the next 40 years!

In my next 40 years I´ll re-open the door. Maybe I should
try a little less and relax a little more - all the hopes
- all the memories - all the laughter - all the tears.
Today´s the beginning of my next 40 years!

Well, now I´m past the point of rescue
- I´m way older than I feel ! I always took my life
for granted - watched the turning of the wheel.
I´ve worked way too much and things may appear
closer than they actually are in my next 40 years!

In my next 40 years I´ll be havin´ some fun
- try to forget about all the crazy things I have done.
Now it´s time for me to focus and get rid of my fears
- maybe I´ll do that better in my next 40 years.

Well, I guess I´m really 40 - I can´t say that I´m thrilled.
Never dated a movie star and I probably never will.
Well, I guess the game´s half over
but the glass is still half full
- oh, please have mercy
on that lonely old bull.
My next 40 years will be the best years of my life.
I´m gonna lose a little weight and maybe find a
wife - eat a little more health-food and don´t drink too
many beers so maybe I´ll remember my next 40 years......

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